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Nova embalaža za KÖSTER 2 IN 1

Predstavljamo vam novo embalažo za KÖSTER 2 IN 1, ki sledi splošni strategiji za dolgoročen prehod številnih naših izdelkov na plastično embalažo. 

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Product testing according to WTA standard

From December 2021 to February 2022 we had KÖSTER Waterproofing Mortar WU and KÖSTER NB 4000 tested according to the test specifications of the „WTA Code of Practice 4-6 for testing the suitability of a waterproofing system as an interior waterproofing“.

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New raw material composition for the multifunctional white waterproofing KÖSTER 21 - higher water vapor permeability guarantees more breathable building envelope

The improved formulation of KÖSTER 21 has greatly increased the water vapor permeability so that moisture in the concrete can escape more easily  in vapor form through the coating and the formation of bubbles in the coating is avoided.

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Ultra fast setting vapor barrier. Specially designed for use as a negative side, fluid applied vapor barrier. The material reduces Moisture Vapor Emission Rates (MVER) and alkalinity to levels acceptable for most resilient and epoxy flooring systems. KÖSTER VAP I® 2000 UFS has a perm rating of 0.08 (ASTM E96 wet) and all the features and benefits of KÖSTER VAP I® 2000 and KÖSTER VAP I® 2000 FS but is formulated to cure in as little as 2 hours depending on ambient temperature and humidity. This product is designed expressly for the rapid turn-around (very fast track) of such flooring installations as in retail stores, operating hospitals, schools and many other projects where elevated moisture and alkalinity are present and a rapid turnover of the flooring system is required.

This unique formulation is a 100% solids, 2-component, bluetinted, low viscous, solvent free (low VOC) special resin. Suitable for use with sheet vinyl, VCT, rubber, wood, ceramic, sports, solid backed carpeting, epoxy, ESD and almost all other types of finished flooring.



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